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Although I am a born and bred city boy, the lure of the peace and quiet of the countryside, and the high places they contain, have for a long time appealed to me as the go-to place to escape the crowds and the hustle and bustle that living in a relatively big city brings. I enjoy the conveniences of city life, but I can't think of anything better than slinging a bag on my back with just enough in there to survive, and then to head off to Kinder Scout for a weekends hiking and wild camping. Sitting on a mountain with not a sound around, and staring into a view - preferably, with a beautiful sunset - is perfection, for me. Therefore, in 2021 I made the decision to relocate up north and I now live in the Holme Valley, just a couple of miles away from the Peak District. 

My blog contains journals and photographs of the long distance trail walks I have completed, including both the Pennine and Cleveland Ways, in addition to any daily or overnight adventures I enjoy both locally and across mainly Northern England. I am neither a professional writer or guide, these ramblings are merely my experiences from moments in time.


In addition to this blog I have also, somewhat nervously, created a YouTube channel. Any videos I will make are set to music, I am far too self conscious to record myself talking to the world, and much like this blog, they are only ways to document an adventure, and to enjoy it and remember it in retrospect. I hope you enjoy them.

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